Signs of Low Testosterone

As the human body ages it not only changes physical appearance but also the internal functions start to express differences. Hormone production starts to deteriorate and our overall health starts to show decline. By the age 30, men are more likely to see symptoms of low testosterone and in turn struggle with various symptoms caused by low testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible for the stimulation of sperm production, muscle development, bone mass and also sexual desire. When there is a sudden drop of testosterone production a range of complications and symptoms may become apparent. In most cases, low T is mistaken for common aging; but low testosterone could in turn be the common cause of many aging health ailments.

What is Low Testosterone? 

When an individuals levels of testosterone drop below 300 nanograms per deciliter, they are commonly diagnosed with low testosterone. The medical term is Andropause, the male diagnosis comparable to menopause.

Unlike menopause, Andropause is a gradual decrease in testosterone throughout a males lifespan. In some instances the decrease is more rapid, increasing the symptom affects of low testosterone.

target organs of testosterone

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone 

When an individual is trying to determine if they are struggling with common aging or low testosterone, there are several warning signs to look for. The following are signs and common symptoms one could experience with low testosterone:

Low sex drive – testosterone is the key player when it comes to a males libido. The desire to participate in intercourse decreases and in some instances it becomes more difficult for the male to achieve an orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction – even though testosterone doesn’t create an erection on its own, it does stimulate the overall sex drive. When sexual stimulators stop producing nitric oxide that triggers erection, low testosterone becomes linked to erectile dysfunction. Low semen levels also can be a counterpart of erectile dysfunction and low T.

Low energy/fatigue – those struggling with low testosterone have reported repeatedly they experience extreme fatigue and a decrease in energy levels; even when sufficient sleep was being acquired.

Muscle mass loss – testosterone plays a major role in the development and strengthening of muscle. Low T becomes apparent when an individual is experiencing a decrease in muscle mass; especially in arms, chest and legs. Rebuilding muscle mass also becomes more complicated over time.

Increase in body fat mass – men with low testosterone are now not only struggling with low muscle mass, but the increase in body fat. There is no clear reason as to why the decrease in testosterone causes weight gain, but it continues to be a common symptom within men with low T.

The following are several other symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Emotional complications (ie. mood swings, depression, irritability, sadness, lack of focus)
  • Hair loss
  • Decrease in bone mass
  • Genital numbness
  • Shrinkage

Determining if Low Testosterone Affects You

Testosterone Levels By Age

According the US Census Bureau, there is approximately 4 to 5 million men throughout the United States struggling with low testosterone levels. Only 5 – 10 percent of these men will seek treatment.

As a male ages, testosterone levels continually decrease. By the age of 70 their testosterone level is 10 percent of what it was of a 25 year old. Male menopause can be affected by a lot of various things including increased stress levels, nutrition and fitness routine, and environmental toxins.

The best way for a male to determine if they are struggling with low testosterone is to participate in an Andropause exams and tests. The tests and exams are designed to determine testosterone levels as well as hormonal needs of the individuals body. Once Infinite Medical Institute can determine your bio-identical hormone needs, low testosterone therapy will begin.

Infinite Medical Institute will continuously monitor and re-evaluate hormone and testosterone levels to insure each individual is receiving optimum balance. We will test various hormone levels including testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, estrogen and PSA.

If you think your life is being effected by low testosterone levels, contact Infinite Medical Institute today to book a consultation and be on the path to a healthier you now!

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