“I have just finished my first year of HRT with Infinity and am so glad I made the decision to do this! It has changed my life! I am 56 years old and was going through all the post- menopausal changes of life and was miserable. Night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, weight fluctuations, NO libido, etc., etc. Having the hormone replacement has made me a new person. I have my life back again. I don’t have any of the symptoms that I was struggling with before, my energy is back, I enjoy being with my husband again (big plus!). Everything is different! I tell every person I know that is dealing with these life changes that they have to check this out, and have even sent some of my friends to Infinity! This is amazing! Thank you Infinity, I am a customer for life!” Sheri E.
I would wake up tired and stay tired all day. Since the hormone replacement I have a lot more pep. I lost 12lbs and combined with weight bearing exercises my muscle tone has displayed tremendous improvement. My arms, legs, and other muscles have attained a hardness I have never had before. Marvin, 87 yrs
Since beginning therapy at IMI I have noticed higher energy levels, quality sleep, improved mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being. I would fully recommend IMI for others who have aging issues related to low testosterone. The staff is friendly, professional and well trained. Mike The Cardinal Fan, 49 yrs
I love my treatments. I don’t think I could do without my hormones therapy. I have felt like a new woman very since starting my therapy. My sex life has been great!! All the people at IMI are great and couldn’t find nicer people! Kim, 60 yrs
My experience with IMI has been very positive. My hot flashes and night sweats have completely dissipated. Within 2 weeks my sexual drive has increase. My joints feel as though they have been oiled and are ready to move. Delyse, 47yrs
You don’t know what you are missing till its gone and oh baby how good it is to get these hormones back! Memory, alertness improved energy. Life is so good……. I would give up my car and ride the bus before Id let my hormones disappear again. Life is good and its great to have it back. Thank you IMI Virginia RN
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