Testosterone Therapy

Looking for improved quality life? Struggling with menopause or andropause symptoms? Relief is now an option here at Infinity Medical Institute. We have several different testosterone therapy processes now available to provide you effective, virtually maintenance free for quick, lasting results.

Customizing the therapy for each individual is critical to the therapy’s success. The medical staff at Infinity Medical Institute are experts in recognizing the key medical factors and lifestyle needs of each individual which allows for the opportunity of each patient to achieve optimal results.

Testosterone Therapy Treatment Options

For those looking for testosterone therapy there are several options available for men and women. Testosterone therapy is not a gender specific process and the therapy methods can be used on both men and women. The following are testosterone therapy treatment options available at Infinity Medical Institute:

Testosterone For Men Low T Tampa Therapy

Infinity Medical Institute offers options for men looking for alternatives to pellet therapy. Recognizing the needs of certain individuals vary from person to person. We have designed a diverse menu of the most effective therapies that allow us to target an expansive range of specific quality of life interruptors for men.

We now offer, through the latest advancements in medical science, options to isolate and relieve symptoms that in the past would have been considered irreversible.

Testosterone for Women

Even today we find awestruck patients when we expose that a female patient needs to have her testosterone levels raised.  The fact of the matter is that all women need testosterone to maintain a balanced hormone level.

Testosterone is the driving force behind increasing energy levels, improving sex drive, developing denser muscle and bone and last but not least initiating weight loss and control.

Common Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

As we find ourselves nearing middle age we start to see the impact of our depleting testosterone supply. It may be the need for an afternoon nap or weight gain and the loss of desire to exercise, or maybe we no longer have any interest in being intimate with our significant other.  These are all common factors that can be attributed to insufficient testosterone levels.

There is a major difference between being tired and being “washed out.”  Tired is a healthy response to the exertion of our bodies energy supply from some type of activity.  Washed out however is a term we hear routinely from prospective patients when they come in to find help.

In most cases, they report a feeling of total exhaustion and lack of motivation, without being able to associate this feeling with any activity at all.  Testosterone reverses this feeling of being washed out by restoring energy levels and improving quality of sleep.  It’s a quite simple formula for getting more restful sleep and improved energy levels promotes a general feeling of wellbeing.

If you’re considering using hormone replacement therapy to help improve your health and life feel free to take our hormone replacement therapy test for men or women.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Infinity Medical Institute with any questions or concerns you have.

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