Weight Loss Management

Our Approach

At IMI we look at weight loss from a different perspective. Our approach is simple and most important medically supervised. We believe in the natural power of the body to recalibrate itself with the right program for the individual. We don’t consider successful weight loss to be quickly dropping a few pounds and than fluctuating back and forth and struggling to keep the recently lost and excess weight off. We don’t recognize the benefits of weight loss unless our patients are able to control and manage their weight. We strive for setting realistic goals and placing the proper regimen to achieve long term success.

How Do We Do It?

We offer easy solutions without unrealistic restrictions on one’s daily routines and eating habits. Obviously, eating healthier and exercising are the fundamental keys in one’s continued success in achieving optimal weight management.

Weight loss in concert with weight management is our goal. Successfully losing the weight and keeping it off is what we consider successful weight management. In conjunction with our weight loss programs, IMI offers therapies that enhance energy levels, increase metabolism and exercise tolerance and assist in building new bone and muscle. When IMI optimizes your levels through their therapy you have a much greater opportunity to achieve successful weight management.

Weight Loss Options with Infinity Medical

Selecting a weight loss plan can be confusing.  We often see patients reluctant to start a program because they are not sure if they will succeed.  Infinity Medical believes that weight loss is a lifestyle decisions therefore an individual should be able to select a program that fits their needs.

Viable Weight Loss Options, Viable Results

We have researched and found two options that we feel not only are easy to stick to but deliver amazing results.  In addition, we selected natural solutions for weight loss that do not bare the same risks and side effects associated with synthetic options.  These are natural and safe options this also allows our patients the option to remain on the programs without interruption or waiting periods in achieving their goals.

The Results

Our patients lose the weight and they are able to keep it off. They benefit from increased metabolism and the ability to quickly add muscle tone and density. We take a scientific approach coupled with the individual’s expectations and select a program that will begin a new chapter in obtaining optimal health and weight control.

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